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Introduction Environmental chemistry is a major route through which we learn about the Earth’s natural processes as well ashumanity’s impacts on the planet. This is one of the reasons why environmental chemists are well-positioned tohelp humanity solve some of our toughest challenges related to energy, health, food, and natural resources, many ofwhich are related to …


Digital Electronics

Signals simply, a signal is a set of information or it is also defined as any function in general of time that carries the information. eg: music, picture, speech etc. continuous and discrete time signal A signal is said to be a continuous if it can be defined for all possible real value of the …

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Different Types of Diodes

Special Purpose Diodes: PN Junction diode cannot be used for all type of applications .Depending upon the type of application the PN junction diode is modified to obtain a new kind of diode.These diodes are known as special purpose diode.Following are the different types of special purpose diodes:i.Zener Diodeii.Light Emitting Diode(LED)iii.Photo Diodeiv.Varactor Diodev.Tunnel Diodev.Schottky Diode …

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Chapter 2 Introduction: A diode is a two terminal non linear device.A diode can be of two types namely vacuum diode and semiconductor diode.A vacuum diode is a two terminal non linear device which works on the principle of thermionic emission of electrons.On the other hand,the semiconductor dio de is a solid state device which …

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Engineering Polymers

Engineering polymers: Polymers is the micro molecules built by linking together the large number of the small molecule. The small molecules called monomers. On the basis of the occurrence they are two types: Natural  polymer The polymer which are found in nature called natural polymer; such that starch, cellulose etc. Synthetic  polymer The polymer which …

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Transition Element

Oxidation state One of the most striking feature of transition element is to show the variable   oxidation state. The oxidation state shown by the transition element may be related to their electronic configuration. The outermost electronic configuration of transition element is (n-1)d and ns orbital are quite close to each other hence both are ns …

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