Digital Electronics


simply, a signal is a set of information or it is also defined as any function in general of time that carries the information. eg: music, picture, speech etc.

continuous and discrete time signal

A signal is said to be a continuous if it can be defined for all possible real value of the time variable. such that speech , video camera etc. A signal is said to be a discrete time if it can be defined for set of discrete value of time variable. such that stock market daily average, monthly sales of a corporation etc.

fig: continuous signal
fig: discrete signal

analog and digital signal

a signal whose amplitude can take on any value in continuous range( infinite number of values) is known as analog signal. such that atmospheric temperature, pressure, voice etc. a signal whose amplitude can take only finite number of values is known as digital signal. such that computer output , written message etc.

advantage of digital system

  1. Easy to store and manipulate (music compression and decompression).
  2. can be proceed and transmitted more effciently

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